Club Name: The Beer Barons of Milwaukee
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

Welcome to the BrewBlog for The Beer Barons of Milwaukee

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The club was established in 1989 and is a group of around 200 homebrewers and beer enthusiasts who meet monthly to taste and talk about beer and brewing. New members are always welcome. Though we try hard to bring in new people who are really hopped up on brewing, you need not be a homebrewer to attend our meetings or become a member! Anybody interested in learning more about beer and brewing is welcome.

Members come from communities all around the south-eastern Wisconsin, ranging from Hartford to East Troy, and northern Illinois. We span the range of homebrewing experience and methods, from the first time homebrewers with one (or sometimes none) batch under his or her belt, to brewers who have been at it for 15 years or more. From kit brewing to 10+ gallon all-grain batches. If you''''re in the south-eastern Wisconsin or northern Illinois area and you want to learn how to brew better beer, whatever your current level may be, this is the club for you.

Some of our other club activities

  • Run the World of Beer festival with beer tasting, seminars, and more each year!
  • Running the Midwinter and German Fest Stein Challenge Competitions.
  • Helping with other competitions in the Milwaukee area.
  • Participating in the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) program. We currently have several high ranking and active judges (and are working on more) active in the club.
  • Bus trips to several Wisconsin and Illinois beer festivals.
  • Brewery tours.
  • Running study sessions to teach recipe formulation, beer evaluation, styles, and brewing techniques.
  • Conducting beginner, intermediate, and advanced brewing classes.
  • Annual summer picnic and Christmas parties.

For additional club information please inquire through the use of our club contact page.

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