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Method: All Grain

Attempted clone of Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale. I know I'll miss on the malt profile but this should be a decent brown regardless. Crystal is 55L. Originally planned a 90 minute boil but this is only going for 60, which will be slighty less bitter but probably hardly noticeable. Interested to see how much Amber malt brings to the table here.

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Total Boil Time: 65 minutes

To 1 gallon Milwaukee tap water add 1/4 campden tablet, 1/16 tsp each of gypsum and CaCl2 upon heating to 180F for preheating mashtun. Add crushed grain when water is at 169F and mix in 1/8 tsp chalk. This is akin to a reported Yorkshire water profile, with residual alkalinity of 57. I'm boosting my calcium and bicarbonates a bit. I might otherwise leave my water alone.

Mash came in at 160F so I stirred it up with an ice cube to cool down to 155F (target 154F). Mashed for 1 hour, noticed temp may have decreased close to 10 degrees. Mashtun also leaked a bit during the sparge. Drained 0.7 gallons of first runnings, SG=1.071. Sparged twice with 3qts tap water, obtaining a preboil volume of ~2.2 gallons, SG=1.033. If I boil down to 1.5 gallons I'll reach my expected target of OG=1.048.

Bring to boil quickly and wait 5 minutes before adding hops. Add 1/8 tsp each yeast nutrient and irish moss, and wort chiller at 15 minutes left in the boil.

Chilled down to 65F rather quickly, first time using the water line outside. Whirlpool to try and sediment break, hops, etc. Final volume is ~1.5 gallons, OG=1.047. Transferred to 2 gallon plastic bucket with lid loosely attached. Pitched yeast at 11pm.

Yeast is from a 9-11 ml frozen culture that inoculated 2 cups (~500ml) starter wort on a stirrer for 2 days. Starter refrigerated several days before today. This is most likely an underpitch.

Within 16 hours a nice krauesen has developed, so yeast was in good health.

3/21/10 - Day 5 - Krauesen has fallen somewhat, swirled carboy.

3/22/10 - Day 6 - SG=1.012, tastes similar to Ordinary Bitter at this stage, diacetyl note but nothing too overwhelming. Tighten lid and added airlock.

3/28/10 - Day 12 SG=1.012. Yeast has dropped clear. Still a diacetyl note and/or the EKGs coming through. Not sure if these hops should taste like this or they are somewhat funky. Primed with 17g of corn sugar for 2 volumes CO2. 11 12 oz bottles.

4/6/10 - Day 24, 12 days in bottle, put into cold storage.

5/7/10 - Submitted to WI State Fair. Despite some differences in malt aroma and mouthfeel, tastes very close to Samuel Smiths Nut Brown. Not sure what I'd change in the flavor department, though diacetyl is still present, which is not picked up in Smith's. Wondering if differences are due to oxidation/metallic flavors. Aroma is still way off. Water? Handling of the yeast? Travel/age? Hmmm...

Primary: 12 days @ 65° F
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Awards & Competitions
Entry Name: Nut Brown
Competition: 2010 Wisconsin State Fair
Date: May 14, 2010
Style: Northern English Brown Ale
Place: 2nd (Silver)
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