BrewBlog: Cumbrian Double Brown
General Information
Method: All Grain

Northern Brewer recipe, ~75% efficiency. Crystal 120L is actually Simpsons Extra Dark Crystal 160L.



Decided to keep in basement to age/mellow out what I believe are fermentation issues.

10/18/10 - About 6.5 months after brewday, there is still more carbonation than I'd like to have. After sitting out for a while and warming, flavors have mellowed/blended somewhat better and creamy head stayed all the way to the bottom of the glass. Beer itself was somewhat light in body or spritzy. I still think there's a good dose of diacetyl in this batch. I'll have to make this again but control the fermentation temperature.

1/29/10 - Last bottle never really improved, something funky with this batch. I'd like to make this again but I'll be hesitant!

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
2.25 pounds 77.1% of grist
0.37 pounds 12.7% of grist
0.10 pounds 3.4% of grist
0.10 pounds 3.4% of grist
0.10 pounds 3.4% of grist
2.92 pounds 100% of grist
0.31 pounds Sucrose (Table Sugar)  
Total Boil Time: 65 minutes

Heated 1 gallon Milwaukee tap water with 1/4th campden tablet to 180F to preheat mashtun. Added crushed grains (plus 1/8 tsp chalk) when temperature reached 166F, for a 154 mash temperature. Mash 60 minutes. At 20 minutes in, pH was about 5 or so.

0.5 gallons first runnings @ SG=1.078.

Forgot to heat up sparge water so mash continued (dry) for about 15 minutes more while 6 qts heated up to about 150F.

Sparged twice to a preboil volume of 2.2 gallons, SG=1.039.

Added sugar and 1/8 tsp calcium chloride. SG=1.044. To reach target gravity of 1.060, boil down to about 1.6 gallons.

Added 1/8 tsp each of yeast nutrient and irish moss at 15 minutes left in the boil. Added immersion chiller. At flameout, chilled to about 75F. Whirlpooled trub and transfered to 2 gallon bucket fermenter with inline aeration.


Made dog treats with 4 cups of spent grain, 4 cups flour, 1 cup of peanut butter and 1 egg. Spread onto cookie sheet and scored batter. 350F for 30 minutes, then to 250F for hours to dry out.

4/6/10 - Day 7 SG=1.015. Sludgy krausen on top yet. Roused bucket by swirling. I really should use my paddle for this strain as it tends to drop into a compacted cake.

4/12/10 - Day 11 - Noticed past several days airlock still has some activity. This strain needs extra attention to finish fermentation. Along with my bottling early (10-14 days) this might be the cause for some overcarbonation and some unpleasant carbonic bite (I hope that is what it is) I've found in some bottles. Otherwise it is quite possible this strain is contaminated, even though I saw nothing under the scope to suggest that. Doing these small batches has made me a little too impatient to try them.

4/20/10 Day 21 - FG=1.006 This fermented out more than I thought and will probably be too dry. FG target is around 1.015. Pitch too much yeast or is the yeast infected with something else?. Sample tasted a bit hot. A bit concerning but again, I did not have any temperature control and may have pitched hot. Will need to age some and hope for the best. Primed with 15g corn sugar, filled 11 12oz bottles.


Primary: 21 days @ ° F
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