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Method: All Grain

Brew-in-a-bag, no sparge, no chill


This mild had a real nice malty and/or dark sugar/fruit aroma early in its life. I'm attributing that to the molasses-derived invert sugar that I made. This aroma has subsided as its gotten older and that makes the beer less than what it was. It's perhaps a bit one dimensional - I like the extra dark crystal - but I bet its better with some roasted malt...pale chocolate to black patent. Definitely a session beer, to be served warmer than usual. Perhaps fermented a bit cool as I don't pick up any of the London III yeast (shame). This beer never really cleared. I'm thinking that has to do with my water (no adjustments) and/or the BIAB/no-chill methods.


Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
0.16 pounds Molasses  
Total Boil Time: 70 minutes
Name: London Ale III
Manufacturer: Wyeast
Product ID: 1318
Type: Ale
Flocculation: High
Attenuation: 73%
Temperature Range: 64–74°F

Added 3.75 gallons Milwaukee tap (campden-treated) to kettle and heated to 165F. Added bag and grains, mash 162F. Added some cold water and left uninsulated for 10 minutes, mash temp now 158F. Insulate with blanket and rest 60 minutes. Temperature now 155F. Lift bag to drain wort and add water to kettle for 4 gallon preboil volume. Wort SG=1.028.

Add hops in bag at 60 minutes and 15 minutes (probably should have been at flameout). At 5 minutes, add 0.16 lbs of homemade invert sugar "No. 3". At flameout, remove hops, cover kettle with lid and move to basement to chill. About 24 hours later, transfer to plastic bucket fermentor and pitch 1/2 slurry of 1 qt starter of previously top-cropped 1318 London III yeast. Move upstairs to ambient temperature 62-68F. OG=1.038, 3 gallon yield.

Special Procedures

Homemade dark invert sugar

Brew-in-a-bag, no-sparge



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