BrewBlog: Leetle Kilter
General Information
Method: All Grain
Cost: $18

An award-winning recipe by Kris England. Subbed Maris Otter for Golden Promise and used Wyeast 1056 instead of 1728 Scottish Ale.


Memorial Day 2009 - Very little head formation on pour but clean flavor throughout, with a noticeable but not overwhelming sweetness at the finish. A background hint of the same flavor found in the Belhavens I picked up at the store - must be the roasted barley plus 2 hour boil carmelization. May be a bit watery thin, despite the high mash temperature. Darker than I thought it would be. Clear when warm but has chill haze out of the fridge. Reminiscent of the Dark Mild and Breakfast Stout I've made. Tastes better when air is injected via syringe to produce a nice creamy head/mouthfeel like the nitrogen widgets in the cans. Would be good as a session "cask-conditioned real ale".

5-27-09: Taking a bottle or two to tonight's Beer Barons meeting for feedback.

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
1 tsp irish moss @ 15 minutes (Boil)  
1/2 tsp yeast nutrient @ 15 minutes (Boil)  
Wyeast California Ale 1056 — Liquid — 100 ml slurry
Mash Type: Infusion
Mash PH: >5
Step Description Temp. Time
Saccharification 14 qt water @ 167F 157° F 65 min.
1st sparge 2.5 gallons @ 180F 168° F 10 min.
2nd sparge 2.5 gallons @ 168F 160° F 5 min.

Split 1/2 Campden tablet three ways to water additions to drive off chloramines.

1.5 qt/lb strike water ratio holds mash temperature much better than what I was getting with 1.25 qt/lb.

2 hour boil (tank went empty at 60 minutes, ran to store to exchange). Added 1 qt water to bring final boil volume to ~5 gallons.

Natural aeration and pitched 100-ml of 4th pitch 1056 yeast harvested on 3/29/09, at 65F. Put carboy in swamp cooler with 58F water to ferment cool, hopefully between 62-65F.

Primary fermentation held between 64-66F in swamp cooler, just where I wanted it. Krausen settling down about Day 7.

Day 10 - SG=1.013, airlock bubble every +1 minute. Transferred to 5 gallon secondary and harvested yeast cake plus a bit of beer in gallon jug to put in refrigerator.

Day 12 - Secondary in basement for past 2 days and is now resting at 50F. Will leave alone for 2 weeks to clarify and condition and then bottle.

Day 26 - Bulk primed 4.5 gallons with 2.5 oz corn sugar @ 62F for 2 vol CO2. Netted 43 12 oz-ers.

Left to condition in bottles at room temperature 65-70F for 3 weeks, then cellared (~56-58F).


Special Procedures

2 hour boil (or longer) has been stated a good way to boil a Scottish Ale to increase maillard reactions for a toffee note, that may be misinterpreted as diacetyl. Another method, carmelizing first runnings to half or more it's original volume gives a very sweet caramel flavor. If this process is done, it is recommended the beer finish dry to balance the sweetness.

Primary: 10 days @ 65° F
Secondary: 14 days @ 50° F
Tasting Reviews
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