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General Information
Method: All Grain

Single-hop IPA using Simcoe that's been unused since late 200?. Has been in original sealed package and freezer since purchase. AA% is approximate.

Toasting pale malt (US 2-row) should result in something similar to Biscuit or Victory malt, adding a reddish/orange color (27L) and improved body w/o sweetness. We'll see.

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
1 gram gypsum (Mash)  
1 gram CaCl2 (Mash)  
1-2 grams gypsum (Boil)  
.5 tablet campdem tablet  
Wyeast American Ale 1056 — Liquid — 200ml slurry
Mash Type: Infusion
Grain Amt. 13 pounds
PPG: 27.52
Efficiency: 84.37%
Sparge Amt. 3.35 gallons
Step Description Temp. Time
Saccharification 5 gallons @ 160F, 1.5qts/lb 150° F 90 min.
Sparge 3.35 gallons ° F  min.

Toast 2 lbs American 2-row @ 350F for 10 minutes, stir, then 20 minutes more. Place in paper bag for ~ 1 week prior to brew day.

Mash in with 5 gallons of water (half Milwaukee tap, half RO, adding 1/4 tsp gypsum and just under 1/3 tsp CaCl2, 1/4 campden tablet). Mash for 90 minutes @ 150F. Approximate mash water profile:

Ca - 45 ppm

Mg - 6

Alkalinity as CaCO3 - 50

HCO3 - 60

Na - 4

Cl - 32

SO4 - 43

Residual Alkalinity - 14  (Trying this out for the first time for APA/IPAs)

Sparge with 3.35 gallons of tap water (+ 1/4 campden tablet) leaving 6.75 gallons in boil kettle. Add 1-3 grams (1/4-3/4 tsp) gypsum to boil for desired level of sulfates (61-105ppm final) for hop crispness.

Temp of mash was 151-148F to end. pH of mash after 10 minutes was just north of 5 at room temp. A bit low, again. 3.6 gallons first runnings @ 1.068.

Forgot to measure post-boil volume (there's always something I forget). OG a bit low at 1.060, but my mash efficiency was spot on 70% as predicted. Hmm...

Pitched yeast 8am next morning (had to visit parents), beer temp 59F. Fermentation within 12 hours brought temp up to 66F and decided to put into swamp cooler with ice bottles to control temp. Got as hot as 72F at peak of fermentation while away at work.

Day 10 - Temperature has stabilized as fermentation slows down, now at 66-68F, 1 airlock bubble every 45 seconds. Decided to transfer to secondary with 1 oz Simcoe dry hop.

Day 17, June 2 - Primed with 3.5 oz corn sugar to 2.5 volumes of CO2 (tried for 2.0 but overestimated volume. Got only 42 12 oz bottles. Beer was clear and smelled great.

Day 24, June 9, 1 week in bottle - Put one bottle in fridge to test carbonation and taste.

Day 27, June 12 - Simcoe hop flavor and aroma very evident. Dry with malt in background or not noticed. Very little carbonation, will have to wait at least 2 more weeks on this one if not 3. I guess with bottling, I either need warmer temps, prime on the high side of style and/or gain some patience to the tune of a month. With SNPA clone, head formation/retention improved with time, even when at cellar temps.

*** Projected ready date set to July 4 (7 weeks from brew day)

Day 32, June 17 - 2 weeks in bottle - Carbing up nicely, good poor with about 3/4 inch head. Good aroma from dryhopping, could sniff that all night if I could. Doesn't seem to be as bitter as I thought it would be, but then even some commercial IPAs that should be more bitter haven't either, and I'm not a desensitized hophead. Hmmm...could be that I overestimated the alpha acid % on these older hops. Very good Simcoe flavor though but cannot pick up any toastiness from the malts, but I should say color is probably on target. Hardly any sweetness even on warming so I'll say this is dry. Glad to see the strange bitterness/mouthfeel is not present in this beer, so maybe the water treatments helped. Will keep at room temp for another week then decide what to do. May try adding some gypsum in the next glass to see what effect that has on the hops. Should be good to bring to June's meeting for feedback.








Primary: 10 days @ 69° F
Secondary: 7 days @ 66° F
Age: 21 days @ 66° F
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