BrewBlog: Bavarian Hefeweizen
Brewer: Brad Miller
Brew Date: May 23, 2009
Yield: 5 gallons
Color (SRM/EBC):
Bitterness (Calc): 15 IBU (Daniels)
BU/GU: 0.34
Calories: 143 (12 ounces)
Conditioning: Bottles
ABV: 4.8%
ABW: 3.7%
Bottling ABV: 5.3%
Batch No: 10
OG: 1.044
OG (Plato): 10.96° P
Reading 1: 1.011  (14 days)
Reading 2: 1.008  (15 days)
FG: 1.008
FG (Plato): 2.05° P
Real Extract: 3.66° P
App. Atten.: 81.3%
Real Atten.: 66.6%
General Information
Method: All Grain

Ingredients from Homebrewing Depot (unsure of maltster)

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
1 gram gyspum  
1.7 gram CaCl2  

Predicted OG = 1.051 for 5 gallon batch

Decided to go with single infusion mash instead of trying step mash (for ferulic acid @ 111F) to avoid hang-ups as I was showing a friend how to brew and this would have been first time attempting a step mash by infusion. Also, HBD did not carry rice hulls so crossing my fingers against a stuck sparge. My luck with infusions is horrible.

Mistakenly added all salts to 3 gallon mash instead of 5 gallons that I originally planned for mash- the remaining 2 gallons were used later for a mashout. pH was low, perhaps 5 or a bit higher, at room temp. Mash at 150F at 60 minutes. Infusion for mashout failed to raise mash temp. What's wrong? Stirred and rested 10 minutes, no change in temperature. Must be losing a lot of heat during transfer to mashtun. Runnings extremely clear, no stuck sparge, hit expected pre-boil gravity of 1.038/9.

6.7 gallons in boil kettle. Forgot to add 1 gram gypsum to boil to push water slightly bitter. Planned to boil 90 minutes but only did 70 minutes, leaving 5.6 gallons instead of 5. Boil was more vigorous than prior batches but boiloff rate is less, still can't dial it in. Only have spare 5 gallon fermenter so I'm losing some volume to the beer gods. OG= 1.044. Took longer to chill and could only get wort down to 70F so brought fermenter to basement into swamp cooler with ice bottles to bring to desired temp of 58F. Decanted wort from starter and pitched slurry of yeast at 9pm, about 8 hours later. Very slight activity @ 60F 16 hours later. Hope fermentation peaks at 64F, keeping esters and phenols in check.

Day 2: Krausen pushing through blow-off tube and foaming in bucket. Temperature @61-62F.

Day 3: Temperature 59-60F, attached 3-piece airlock to fermenter and moved to basement stair landing to see if it warms up a few degrees. Smells like a good hefeweizen! Looking more orange than yellow when it started - has the yeast started to clear out already?

Day 8: Moved primary upstairs to warmer temperatures. Smells of egg/sulphur. Plan on bottling this in a week.

Day 16, June 8 - Primed 4.25 gallons (need more here) with 5 oz corn sugar ~ 3 vol CO2. Tastes clean and like a hefeweizen but looks like urine. Not as hazy as I'd thought. Hopefully conditioning improves that.

Day 20, June 12 - Took my Corona bottle and put in fridge for a taste later tonight. Still clean to my tastes, some head formation though with strange lacing. Lacks sufficient carbonation bit its only 4 days in bottle.

*** Projected ready date June 27 (5 weeks post brew day).

Day 23, June 15 - One week in bottle, good carbonation so ahead of schedule. A great pour with two inch head that subsides to 1/2 inch all the way through. Very refreshing, clean tasting, and will be a great summer beer. Nice balance in aroma and flavor, nothing overpowering. Perhaps a bit light/thin but that could be do to the short boil and low mash temperature. If I had to make a change I might add in some Vienna/Munich to darken a bit and get more maltiness, or mash a few degrees higher. Should be good to bring to June's meeting for feedback.

Primary: 16 days @ 62° F
Tasting Reviews
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