BrewBlog: Pumpkin Ale
General Information
Method: All Grain

My recipes are based on 78% efficiency which I typically get on my system.  You should adjust for your efficiency/system.

I brewed this beer first in 2011 year and it was very well received.  I myself would have liked the beer a bit drier, and slightly less in ABV.  With that in mind, I adjusted the recipe for 2012 in attempt to get the beer to dry out a bit and to lower the ABV.  I was very happy with the changes and will stick closer to the 2012 version (which I am editing into this brew blog) going forward, although I may still look to further attenuate and dry the beer out in future batches.

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
Malts and Grains
8.80 pounds Pumpkin, Roasted, Fresh  
1.00 pounds Rice Hulls  
2 Whirlfloc @ 15 minutes  
1 tsp. Yeast Nutrient @ 10 minutes  
Total Boil Time: 60 minutes
Name: London ESB Ale
Manufacturer: Wyeast
Product ID: 1968
Type: Ale
Flocculation: High
Attenuation: 69%
Temperature Range: 64–72°F
Amount: 2000 ml
Equipment Profile

Sabco Brew-Magic: Ken Megal

Batch Size: 10.5 gallons Boil Volume: 14.1 gallons
Evaporation Rate: 15% per hour Mash Tun Dead Space: .25 gallons
Efficiency: 70% Mash Tun Weight: 30 pounds
Hop Utilization: 100% Mash Tun Volume: 15 gallons
Loss: .5 gallons Mash Tun Specific Heat:
Mash Profile

Single Infusion Mash, Medium Bodied Beer

Grain Temperature: 72°F Tun Temperature: 72°F
Sparge Temperature: 168°F PH: 5.4
PPG: 32.1 Efficiency: 91%

Mash profile for most well-modified malts.


# Name Type Time Temp. Description
1 Mash In Infusion 60 min. 154°F

Add 70% of mash water at 166° F / 74° C

2 Mash Out Infusion 10 min. 168°F

Add 30% of mash water at 197° F / 92° C

Water Profile

Milwaukee, WI

Calicum: 96 ppm
Bicarbonate: 107 ppm
Sulfate: 26 ppm
Chloride: 16 ppm
Sodium: 7 ppm
Magnesium: 47 ppm
PH: 7.5%

Famous for Pilsners and Lagers.


I'm using pie pumpkins that I picked up at Woodman's for .99 cents each.  The pumpkins are split in half, gutted and then baked cut side down at 350F until soft.  Then cooled, the flesh is scooped out into a pyrex dish and then baked again at 350F until they get bubbly and start to carmelize a little on the edges/surface. The pumpkin is then added right into the mash. The quantity added to the mash was targeted at 8.8Lbs.

Special Procedures

I make a spice tincture using 1 - 1.5 oz of vodka which is then added to the keg before transferring the beer on top of it.  The tincture is made up of the following:

Cinnamon       1 tsp.

Ginger           .5 tsp.

All spice       .25 tsp.

Nutmeg       .25 tsp.

I let the spice soak in the vodka for 2 weeks before straining out.  I pick up the spices fresh at the Spice House on Old World Third street and the spices I use are all coarse chunks, not ground spices (powder).  This makes it much easier to just extract the flavor from the spices and leave the spice matter behind and only pitch the tincture into the beer. 

Primary: 7 days @ 65° F
Secondary: 14 days @ 72° F
Tasting Reviews
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