BrewBlog: Extra Pale Ale
Brewer: Victor Williams
Brew Date: July 19, 2009
Tap Date: August 21, 2009
Yield: 5 gallons
Color (SRM/EBC):
Bitterness (Calc): 74.1 IBU (Daniels)
BU/GU: 1.72
Calories: 142 (12 ounces)
Conditioning: Keg
ABV: 4.3%
ABW: 3.3%
OG: 1.043
OG (Plato): 10.72° P
Target OG: 1.045
Reading 1: 1.011  (28 days)
FG: 1.011
FG (Plato): 2.81° P
Real Extract: 4.24° P
App. Atten.: 73.7%
Real Atten.: 60.4%
General Information
Method: Extract
Cost: 27.50

Made from a Northern Brewer Extract Kit.  Directly from Northern Brewer web site.

One of our most popular kits for well over a decade, this American-style pale ale is clean, dry, and very hoppy. American hops are the driving force of this beer, featuring the unmistakable citrus (some say grapefruit) aroma of Cascade up front as well as its smooth bittering at the finish. Pale caramel malt counterpoints the hopping with a sweet grain aroma and gives this appetizing ale its medium body and deep gold color.


Made a yeast starter with a year old smack pack of Wyeast #1056 American Ale Yeast. 

Not sure how fast fermentation took off.  Seal on fermentation bucket airlock was loose and I did not notice activity in the air lock for 48 hours but could smell hop aroma.  Noticed leak and fixed it.

I did not rack this to a secondary and instead left it in the primary for 4 weeks.

Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
6.00 pounds LME - Amber 85.7% of grist
6.00 pounds Total Extract Weight 85.7% of grist
Malts and Grains
Total Boil Time: 60 minutes
Name: American Ale
Manufacturer: Wyeast
Product ID: 1056
Type: Ale
Flocculation: Medium
Attenuation: 75%
Temperature Range: 60–72°F
Amount: 125 ml
Equipment Profile

3 Gallon/11 Liter Kettle

Batch Size: 5.00 gallons Boil Volume: 2.50 gallons
Evaporation Rate: 9.00% per hour Mash Tun Dead Space: 0.25 gallons
Efficiency: 72% Mash Tun Weight: 3.00 pounds
Hop Utilization: 100% Mash Tun Volume: 3.00 gallons
Loss: 0.00 gallons Mash Tun Specific Heat: 0.12 Cal/gram per °C
Water Profile

Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water

Calicum: 28 ppm
Bicarbonate: 87.5 ppm
Sulfate: 6.5 ppm
Chloride: 2 ppm
Sodium: 2.8 ppm
Magnesium: 10 ppm
PH: 6%

1. Steeped grains in 2.5 gallons of 145-150 degree water for 45 minutes.

2. Bring pot to boil.

3. Added LME

4. Return pot to boil

5. Added 2 oz Cascade hops to hop bag

6. At 59 minutes added 1 oz. Cascade hops to hope bag.

8. After 60 minutes cooled wort to 80 degrees.

9. Added wort to cold tap water in fermenter to bring to 5.5 gallons and pitched yeast.

10. Fermented in basement.

Primary: 28 days @ 68° F
Age: 5 days @ 40° F
Tasting Reviews
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